Foreign Language Teaching Wiki

Note: This wiki was created by foreign language teaching methods students during the fall 2006 semester. Membership was limited to the students enrolled in the participating classes only. The project has now ended and although the wiki remains active as a resource, we are not admitting new members or updating any content. Thanks for understanding.

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"...the blogosphere is a community that might produce a work. Whereas a wiki is a work that might produce a community." (Ward Cunningham)

Welcome to the wiki space for foreign language teaching!

This is a collaborative project of the University of Florida, the University of South Carolina and the University of Tennessee, under the supervision of:
Dr. Nike Arnold
Dr. Lara Ducate
Dr. Lara Lomicka
Dr. Gillian Lord


Together, you and your colleagues will develop the Foreign Language Teaching Wiki to serve as a resource for yourselves and future foreign language teachers.

Feedback: which errors to correct, oral and/or written, when, how, why, etc.
Rebecca Hughes / USC - Lomicka:
Koji Nishida / UT:
Bradley Blair / UT:
S. H. / UT:
Erin Czarra / UT
Anthony Easter / UT:
Christian Ahihou/ UF:

Language choice: do we use the target language or the native language in the classroom, all or nothing versus mixed approach, how to decide, pros and cons, etc.
Carol Edwards / USC - Lomicka:
Juan Gomez / UT:
Manjit Bhatti / UT:
Ora Bukoshi / UT:
Felicia Chigo Anonyuo / UF:
Montserrat E Lopez / UF:
Jackie Lohmann / USC - Ducate:

Technology: its use in and out of the classroom, tools, activities, pros and cons, etc.
Caroline Oats / USC - Lomicka:
Bélgica Holt / UT:
Mehtap Ince / UT:
Ray Flanary / UT:
Gerard-Alain Michel / UF:
Vinodh Venkatesh / UF:
Richard Sell / USC - Ducate:

Culture: how do we define it, how to teach it, techniques for teaching culture (3Ps, process-oriented, etc.)
Erin McDavitt / USC - Lomicka:
Megan González / UT:
Romana Rouskova / UT:
William Hinton / UT:
Sharon Ramos-Ceballos / UF:
Carmen Sales/ UF:
Harris King / USC - Ducate:

Grammar: what is the role of grammar in the communicative classroom, how to teach grammar, how to contextualize grammar, techniques for including grammar (storytelling/PACE, etc.)
Wendy Rickenbaker / USC - Lomicka:
Jessica Whitter / UT:
Masha Kamyshkova / UT:
Noella Nyemba / UT:
Moniqua Acosta-Heyman / UF:
Alfonso Camiñas-Muiña / UF:

There is also an additional resource page created and maintained by your professors on Resources and Tips for Teachers. This page will include websites, resources, documents, activities, articles, news stories, etc. You are welcome to contribute to this page as you can whenever you find something you think your classmates would find interesting.