"Vrai ou Faux": Teacher’s Guide

  • Activity:
** "Vrai ou Faux": Conjugation Game
  • Goals:
** Help students practice using the imperfect tense (e.g. À 19 heures, j’écoutais de la musique. Translation: At 7:00, I was listening to music.)
    • Help students understand one type of situation in which this tense may be used: describing a continual action in the past.
    • Practice with conjugating verbs and using direct or indirect objects simultaneously
  • Organization:
    • Students must make true or false statements based on the infinitive verb they are given
  • Time:
    • 15-20 minutes, depending on the amount of students in the class
  • Materials Needed:
    • Slips of paper for the students that contain verbs and direct or indirect objects
    • Ball
  • Procedure:
    • 1. Students are each given a slip of paper with a verb infinitive in parentheses, followed by a direct or indirect object.
    • 2. The teacher then writes the following prompt on the board: Qu’est-ce que vous faisiez hier soir à 19 heures? (Translation : What were you doing last night at 7 :00 ?)
    • 3. Next, the students are instructed to respond to the question in the imperfect tense as a ball is tossed to them. They may either use the verb on the slip of paper, or they may use a different verb of their choice and they may respond by telling about what they were really doing at 7pm, or with a false statement
    • 4. After responding, a student will then toss the ball to someone else in the class, who will decide whether or not the previous response was true or false (vrai ou faux). Then, the student with the ball will respond to the question and the game continues in this manner.
  • Variations:
** This game can be modified for any level. It may also be modified to address various grammar objectives.
  • Sample Verb Bank:
    • (faire) des pompes
    • (lire) le journal
    • (faire) mes devoirs
    • (faire) des courses
    • (conduire) la/ma voiture
    • (parler) au téléphone
    • (écouter) de la musique
    • (manger) de la pizza
    • (boire) du café
    • (laver) mon chien
    • (écrire) une dissertation

Created by: Wendy Rickenbacker

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