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The New Yorker magazine recently ran a piece about Wikipedia and wikis in general. It's an interesting read, if you'd like to learn more about wikis and how they work. It also explores some of the pros and cons of wikis, at least from certain perspectives... What do you think?

An article in September 4th's //New York Times// discusses how the Wikipedia model is being used in more and more for-profit companies.

Can Wikipedia's everyone's-an-editor approach produce a reliable resource tool without scholarly oversight? Are traditional encyclopedias like Britannica limited by lack of input? The Wall Street Journal Online invited Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales to discuss the topic with Dale Hoiberg, editor-in-chief of Britannica. Their exchange, carried out over email, can be found here.

Note to all wiki members: Please be very careful to observe copyright laws and regulations when posting material on your pages. Sharing copyrighted material, including music, movies, software and some intellectual property, without authorization is illegal. It is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998 and other state and federal laws. For more information on safe computing please visit:, and if you have any questions about what's safe to post or not, please use your best conservative judgment.

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