"Dating Game": Teacher’s Guide

  • Activity:
** "Dating Game", spin-off of the popular TV game show
  • Goals:
** Teach students how to correctly form questions and answers
  • Organization:
** One male or female student, chosen randomly, asks questions
    • Remaining students answer questions proposed by first student
  • Time:
** 20-25 minutes
  • Materials Needed:
** Set of numbers for students to pick from
    • Set of numbers for professor to pick from (should contain all numbers in the first set)
  • Procedure:
** 1. Ask all of the students to take out a pen and paper and write ‘male’ or ‘female’ on top, depending on their own gender. They should not, however, write their names.
    • 2. Each student should choose a number from the set of numbers allotted to the students.
    • 3. The professor then randomly picks a number from his or her set. The person holding the number that the professor calls should sit in front of the class.
    • 4. The student in front of the class must create three separate questions which he or she will propose aloud to all of the students, who should then write their answers on their own paper. Once all three questions are given, the student at the front of the class should face in the opposite direction.
    • 5. At this time, the professor will pull three more numbers from his or her set. By showing their hands when their numbers are called, the professor will take up the papers from three students and then carry them to the front. All other students will be instructed to put away their answer sheet.
    • 6. On the board, the professor will write #1, #2, and #3, each number referring to a student. Next to the number, the professor should also write the gender of the student (in the target language preferably).
    • 7. The professor should then read the responses of the students one by one, making corrections to the responses orally as they are being read. Essential information can be written under the board below the number of the student it refers to.
    • 8. Once all three papers have been read, the class should assist the student in front to make a decision on who he or she would like to date.
    • 9. The student in front picks a date, and the game starts over again, with a new student in front.
  • Variations:
** The set of numbers can be exchanged for several different things such as: colors, high numbers as opposed to low numbers, or vocabulary words. In the case of vocabulary words, the students’ words can be written in the foreign language, while the professor holds the English equivalents. In order to claim they have been called on, the student should first be required to make a correct translation of the vocabulary word that he or she has.

Created by: M. Acosta-Heyman

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