Cloze paragraph: Teacher’s Guide

  • Activity:
** Cloze paragraph: Present progressive
  • Goals:
    • Give students the opportunity to practice with present progressive tense
  • Organization:
    • Students work independently to complete worksheet
  • Time:
    • Depends on students (great as homework or small group activity)
  • Materials Needed:
    • Worksheet (included below)
  • Worksheet:

Complete sentences. Use the words in parentheses. Use the simple present or the present progressive. Use an infinitive where necessary.

The Smiths are at home. It is evening. Paul (sit) on the sofa. He (read) _ a newspaper. Ellen (sit) _ at the desk. She (study) and (listen) to her radio. Paul (hear) _ the music, but he (listen, negative) _ it right now. He (concentrate) on the weather report. He (think about) the weather. Ellen (study) _ for her chemistry test. She (like) _ chemistry. She (thinks) that chemistry is easy.

Contributed by: Noella Nyemba
Taken from: Basic English Grammar (2cd Ed.) by Betty Azar

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