Job Advertisement Reading Activity: Teacher’s Guide

  • Activity:
    • Job Advertisement Reading Activity
  • Goals:
** Practice reading skills within a real-life context
    • Offer a context in which the students can practice using irregular and stem-changing verbs
  • Organization:
** Students work together as a class and in pairs to exercise reading and comprehension skills
  • Time:
** 20-25 minutes
  • Materials Needed:
** Power Point presentation of job ads
    • Print-out of job ads presentation for students to work with
  • Procedure:
** 1. Begin the Power Point presentation by explaining to the students what they will be reading and contextualizing the material.
    • 2. Allow the students to take turns reading the job ads aloud, following each ad with a small review of the ad to verify comprehension and make sure they understood key words.
    • 3. Once all of the ads have been read, put the students in pairs and pass out the print-out of the job ads for the pairs, explaining to them that they must work together to choose one ad to dissect and then discuss at least five possible questions an employer could ask to a potential employee for that particular job.
    • 4. Once they have chosen the questions, instruct the students to create an interview to be acted out for the other students.
    • 5. Once all groups have written the interview (about 2 – 3 minutes in length), each group should take turns reading their interview for the class, and the class must use their printouts to match the interview to the job ad that accompanies it. This is another way to verify comprehension.
Click here for Power Point presentation

Created by: M. Acosta-Heyman

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