Fun Practice with Idioms: Teacher's Guide

  • Activity:
** Fill in the blank activity with Idioms (English)
  • Goals:
** Help students recognize idioms and the contexts to which they belong
  • Organization:
    • Students work independently to complete the activity
  • Time:
    • Depends on the student (great homework activity)
  • Materials Needed:
    • Printed handout sheet, included below (best used as a guide to which your own ideas can be added)
  • Handout:

Write the idioms in the spaces provided. Be sure the statements agree in person and the tense. Some statements will be negative (-). You may change the form of the words in parentheses.

  • 1. (Take) after
    • a. She ----
her mother in both appear.
    • (-) b. Paul----
anyone in the family
    • c. When he was young, he ----
his mother, but now he looks more like his father.
  • 2. (Go) to pieces
    • a. When Barbara heard the news, ----
    • b. He ----
every time someone in the family is sick.
    • (-) c. Ann----
when she lost her job, she was very calm.

Contributed by: Noella Nyemba
Taken from: Idioms in American Life by Julie Howard

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